We help publishers monetize their content through single purchase articles, subscriptions and premium podcasts. Increase your revenue streams without cannibalizing existing revenues. Brand new thinking and technology. At Sesamy, we are creating an infrastructure that does justice to digital content, its diligent creators, and passionate consumers. Our mission is to open up the internet.
Sesamy provides single purchases and zero-friction consumption of digital content. We aim to de-wall and re-democratize access to copyrighted, digital content.
Sesamy is a tech company founded in Sweden 2020 by the founders of Acast, the world’s largest podcasting platform. Sesamy is a remote-first company with the possibility of working in our offices in Stockholm, Sweden or Malaga, Spain.

We believe that for 15 years we have been sold the idea that ‘unlimited subscriptions’ equals freedom, when actually, the complete opposite is true. Inflexible subscription platforms wall you in. Imprison you in one ecosystem. Make you pay a fixed price no matter how little you consume. At Sesamy we aim to fix this. And if you want to help, please read on.