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AI-based technology

Soft paywall
Lock content and require user to provide information to consume the content.
Dynamic login
An adaptive login system created for optimizing UX based on behavior patterns, devices and web-browsers with social log-in such as Google, Apple, Facebook.
Multi seats
Let a main account holder connect their colleagues or family members to their account seamlessly.
Profile pages
Collect all purchases in once place. Let your customer's upgrade and downgrade easily as well as change payment methods without having to involve your customer support.
Leaky paywall
Set a fixed amount of  products for a user to consume for free before they are required to create a free account to consume more.
Integrations & Webhooks
We have multiple integrations out of the box.

However, we also offer a tailormade setup with your cms of choice - just let us know!
Paywall & discounts
We support all kinds of setups when it comes to discounts and promotions. Trials, percentage, limited free time periods etc.
Payment methods
It should be easy to charge for something. Sesamy supports all kinds of payment options from debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, invoices and of course most local payment providers.
Dashboard & insights
Follow your sales in real time, manage settings, analyze trends and much more in our advanced insights portal.
Churn prevention
Automatic churn prevention tools such as generation of automated offers to your customers when they're about to cancel a subscription.
We offer both first and second line support, depending on your needs, as well as a chatbot connected to the checkout.
Purchase tracking
Effortlessly track your customers' purchases in external tracking tools like Google Analytics 4 and Facebook Conversion Tracking. Gain a comprehensive view of your sales performance and refine your marketing strategies with ease.
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