Result driven software solution

Our clients have seen tremendous success after implementing our software solution, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.
Transitioned from a donations model to a premium model
Kvartal introduced a complete solution from Sesamy that took them from a donations-only model to a premium model; including log-in, profile page, subscriptions, single purchase and more.
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Migrated all subscribers to Sesamy's platform
Breakit had their own-built subscription system before implementing and migrating all of their subscribers to Sesamy's platform. This to leverage on Sesamy's deep knowledge within the field and utilize Sesamy's different functionalities such as multiseats for business, invoicing for business and customized paywall to increase conversion.
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Monetization of podcasts
Perfect Day wanted to explore new ways of monetizing their content in and partnered up with Sesamy to put certain podcast episodes behind a paywall resulting in up to double digit conversion rates.
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Migrated all subscribers from an external provider to Sesamy's platform
Fokus migrated all of their digital and print subscribers from their current subscription platform that was handled externally to Sesamy's platform. This to be able to easily overview and manage all subscribers in one platform and increase conversion with a customized checkout flow.
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Never in my professional life have I met such ambitious, talented and nice people as I have in our collaboration with Sesamy.

Ludde Hellberg VD Kvartal