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Cold nights, eBook by Björn Rosenqvist
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Björn Rosenqvist "Cold nights"

She would have been lying in the dewy grass unless the sun had been so high, unless the tiny rubber-boat on its way in to the anchorage silently had been following in his steps. Unless the sun had been so high she would have laid there in the grass like whipped cream and with a pair of white hosed legs pointing straight up like a V and tucked down the white which tastes of dark chocolate at the top.

A spy novel - she’s on an urgent mission...

An undercover agent in a relationship. Traitor - true to whom?But if she loves him...

The journey goes into the past, the present, the sexual...

Sceneries from Europe and North America flash by. Shortcuts - a roadmovie.

Who monitors, betrays - who’s in control?
Security Services... politics... relationships... running our lives.

Medlem i Sveriges Författarförbund (SFF)

About "Cold nights"

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