About Sesamy

Sesamy sets you free from expensive subscriptions. You only pay for the books you want to read or listen to. Without restrictions on your choice of device or app.

Sesamy is an escape from the subscription trap

Inflexible subscription platforms wall you in. It’s like paying for a giant buffet where everything you’re interested in fits on a single plate – and you still need to go next door to buy the ketchup. In the end, all these fees add up.

With Sesamy you can free yourself from the subscription trap. Pay only for the books you actually want.

Sesamy is the freedom to read and listen on any device, platform or app

Have you ever listened to an audiobook in your favourite podcast player? Or read a non-Amazon eBook on your Kindle?

Neither have we. Up until now.

All books you buy on Sesamy can easily be read or listened to in any app and on any device capable of handling audio- and eBooks. We even made moving the files easy.

No more restrictions, conversions or transfers. Buy, send and consume. It’s that simple.

How to listen to audiobooks on any device

How to read eBooks on any device

Contact authors and publishers

If you’re an author or a publisher and wish to know more about how you can publish your work on Sesamy, please contact us through this form or by emailing info@sesamy.com

Contact media enquiries

Benjamin Webb - benjamin@deliberate-pr.com - 0044 7930 408 224
Georgina Hill - georgina@deliberate-pr.com - 0044 7909 673 200

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