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The Last Visit, eBook by Amanda Gawronska
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Amanda Gawronska "The Last Visit"

Have you ever thought about suicide? Most people are perfectly fine afterwards. Better actually. Because their friends and family can finally see how much they were hurting. After my suicide attempt. I appreciated my life like never before. I felt truly happy for the first time in my life.


When Rick's friend - Dr Martin- dies, he sees an opportunity to take over his job as a psychologist and try to make his patients change their minds. 

Follow Asmir, Emma, Matthew, Viviana, Dylan and Amie in their lives and see if Dr Mills succeed with his plan. 


“The last visit” is a psychological thriller that tells the story about life and death. 


It’s not true that no one cares about you and that everyone would be better off without you. Life can turn for the better, even if it seems completely hopeless.

Warning: this story contains depression and suicide.

About "The Last Visit"

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