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A flow of Light fills the Earth, Audiobook by Birgitta Sjöqvist
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Birgitta Sjöqvist "A flow of Light fills the Earth"

These are words which I have humbly received, and through this book I have been given the opportunity to pass them on. Beautiful words about humanity, love, freedom, beauty and life on our earth.

Birgitta Sjöqvist


”Life is so short, like a small string of vibrating light, it sparkles and then fades.


There is beauty in all that is love and goodness.


The earth’s treasures are many and they all exist so

that people may enjoy their beauty, live

of their sweetness, strengthened of their rebirth and



Thoughts flow easily as on the wings of music

The spoken word is, however, more difficult to capture

so that it falls in just the right way for those listening. “

The book is narrated by the author, Birgitta Sjöqvist.

About "A flow of Light fills the Earth"

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