The great escape from the subscription trap is here

We’re sold the idea that ‘unlimited’ equals freedom, when actually, the complete opposite is true. Inflexible subscription platforms wall you in. It’s like a giant store – yet everything you’re interested in fits on a single wall. Expensive subscription plans make you pay for all the content you have no interest in and will never consume.

Yes, for some products and services, subscriptions provide great value. But for others, it’s restrictive and, more importantly, too expensive. Just do the math: how much do you pay each year in subscriptions, and how much content do you consume? In a subscription-based world, many seemingly small fees add up to one big expense.

It’s time to open up a part of the internet that, until now, has been closed, and just didn’t make any sense. But that's all in the past now. The great escape from the subscription trap is here. (Soon)