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How to listen to Sesamy audiobooks

We don't believe in limiting your options.

Therefore you can play any audiobook you purchase on Sesamy in any app and on any device capable of handling mp3 files.

You can stream or download audiobooks directly to your favourite podcast player

Or you can download them to your phone, tablet or computer and play it in any way you like.

To download as an mp3 file

  1. Tap on My Account
  2. Tap on an audiobook
  3. Tap on RSS
  4. Click the three dots on the embedded mediaplayer to download the file
Listen in a podcast app

You can listen to audiobooks by streaming or downloading them to your favourite podcast player.

To open an audiobook in your podcast player:

  1. Tap on My account
  2. Tap on an audiobook
  3. Choose your preferred podcast player
    Note: You will see different players depending on the device you are currently using. The player you choose must already be installed on your device.

The following podcast apps are currently supported: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts, Podcast Addict, Podkicker, Podcast Republic & Acast.
See recommended apps for your device



How to read Sesamy eBooks

We don't believe in limiting your options.

Therefore you can read all eBooks you purchase on Sesamy in any app on any platform or device capable of handling EPUB, PDF or MOBI files.

The easiest way is to visit the Sesamy Read Portal, where all your eBooks are downloadable by the click of a button.

Access Sesamy Read Portal from your desktop or mobile device

1. Tap My Account
2. Under Purchased Items: Tap the eBook of your choice.
3. Tap the Sesamy Read Portal button.

How to read on your eBook reader device

Read on an eBook reader (Kobo, Pocketbook, Kindle, etc)

Download eBooks directly to your eBook reader device using Sesamy Read Portal

  1. In your device's web browser (see below), tap the address bar and enter
  2. If you are visiting Sesamy Read Portal for the first time, please enter your personal four letter code. You access the code by tapping My Account on, and then on any eBook.
  3. In your device's web browser, tap the eBook of your choice to download it to your device.

Sesamy Read Portal can also be used to download books to your mobile, tablet or desktop.
How to choose which file format to download

Access the web browser on Kobo

  1. Go to Home screen.
  2. Tap the Menu icon to access the Quick Settings panel.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Beta Features.
  5. Tap Start under Web Browser

Access the web browser on PocketBook

  1. Tap Home to access the Main Menu
  2. Tap Apps 
  3. Tap Browser

Access the web browser on Kindle

  1. Go to Home screen
  2. Tap the Menu icon
  3. Tap Experimental browser
    Note: You can also send via Send-to-kindle

Access the web browser on Letto

Unfortunately, Letto does not come with a web browser. To read Sesamy eBooks on a Letto device, you need to download the file to your desktop and transfer it manually. See Adlibris's instruction manual (Swedish)

Send Sesamy eBooks using Send-to-kindle

If you own a Kindle, you can choose to send single books one by one to your device; or automatically send all books you purchase.

The setup takes about two minutes and you only need to set it up once.

Note: Swedish Amazon lacks support for Send-to-kindle. To access your Sesamy eBook on a Swedish Kindle, please use Sesamy Read Portal


  1. On Amazon: Go to Content & Devices / Preferences / Personal Documents settings
  2. Add under Approved Personal E-mail List
  3. Copy the device's email address under Send to Kindle e-mail setting
  4. On Sesamy: Go to My Account, tap an ebook and paste the email address under Send-to-Kindle


Step one: Approve eBooks sent from Sesamy

1. Log in to your Amazon account.

2. Desktop: Click Content & Devices under Account & Lists
Click Content & Devices

2. Mobile: Click the menu and Account.
Click Account
Click Manage content and devices (scroll down if necessary).
Click Manage Content & Devices

3. Click Preferences
Click Preferences Click Preferences on Mobile

4. Click Personal Document Settings (scroll down if necessary)

5. Click Add a new approved e-mail address under Approved Personal E-mail List

6. Add
Add Sesamy Add Sesamy

7. Copy or make a note of the e-mail address connected to your device under Send to Kindle e-mail setting you will need it during the next step.
Copy emailEmail adress
Note: You can only do this if you have an actual Kindle device. If you only have the Amazon Kindle app, you need to download and add the eBook manually.


Step two: Add your Kindle email address to your Sesamy account

1. Go to My account

2. Tap the eBook you want to send

3. Tap Ebook reader

4. Write or paste your Kindle email address (from the Send to Kindle e-mail setting , see step 1.7) and click Send-to-Kindle

5. If you want to automatically send the eBooks you buy in the future to your Kindle, please check Automatically send new books to this device

Choosing the correct eBook file format

Available eBook formats

EPUB is recommended for most eBook readers (excl. Kindle) and reading apps on mobile, tablet or desktop. See our recommended eBook apps

PDF is recommended for computers or tablets lacking a reading app. We advice against trying to read a PDF on your mobile – the text will simply be too small.

MOBI is solely for Amazon Kindle.

Note: All files are protected by digital watermarkering.

About Sesamy Read Portal

With Sesamy Read Portal, Sesamy has solved the big concern when it comes to buying eBooks: How to convert the files and transfer them to your different devices.

Using Sesamy Read Portal, you can access all your books in one place from any device – including eBook readers.

You can also choose which format to download, including Amazon Kindle's own MOBI. More on eBook formats

To use Sesamy Read Portal, just visit on your device and enter your four letter code. The code is available when you click any book under My Account.

Recommended eBook apps


All about digital watermarking

Every audiobook and eBook purchased at Sesamy have a unique Digital Watermark, used to identify the owner of that specific copy of the book.

The Digital Watermarks will not affect the quality of your audio- or eBook. Neither will it affect your choice of device or app used to read or listen to the book.

Digital Watermarks ensure that authors and publishers are fairly compensated and that local and international copyright laws are respected.

You may download and share your purchased books to multiple devices owned and used by yourself. According to our Terms of service, it is forbidden to reproduce, copy or distribute your audio- and eBooks for other people to read or listen to them. In most countries, it is also forbidden by national law.

Refund policy
Digital products may not be returned or refunded. But if you are unhappy with your product for any reason, please contact and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

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